Inspirational story behind—Luxury Cell Phone Cases

I was driving towards my way home when I felt the vibration of my phone placed over the dashboard. The number was unknown, I opened the text message, and you won't believe the contents are written there; " Hi there! I need you to design a classic cover case for my mobile phone. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. Inspire me with the best of your work;

Mara Love." I hit the breaks so hard that my tires screeched, anyone would have it was Mara Love, she approached me and asked me to design something for her.I got home that day, pulled myself together and started working over the design for her cover
case regarding Samsung galaxy S8+. There were literally thousands of ideas revolving around my head; I decided to have the most vivid and splashing design prepared for her. The one which would eventually suit her personality and make my hard work and art up to her. One thing which amazed me the most was the fact that Mara Love has a lot of creative people, designers,art-specialist, top and top most of their fields, but despite all that crowd she chose me for this task. Which not only was personal for her but also something she had to carry around the whole day, it had to be perfect and if not at least spectacular then.

All of the brainstorming and my focus for designing her a most beautiful phone cover possible ended up in the shape of a dazzling red cover for her. I was still not so sure, whether she would like it or not, therefore, I mailed her the cover, with the hope that she will accept my gift and that it would have turned up beautiful and lovely.

With no attention of this particular scenario in my head, I made myself available towards other pending tasks, when I got her text " It is remarkable&quot, and I was like overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Then she put that specific design cover over her Facebook and Instagram page as well, thousands of people liked the design and the idea behind it, while many others appreciated the color scheme which I put into the design, it was fundamental. Many people even started approaching me over my Facebook page with the desire that they wanted to buy the same thing for their smartphones.

This thing motivated me enough to create this lovely website Mobile phone case for iPhone 6/6s 7/8 7plus 8 plus iPhone X/10, iphone X's, Iphone X's Max and we also make phone cases
for Samsung 7 , S7plus,S8 ,S8plus and S9 S9plus, SNote8 and SNote 9where people can interact with various designs and ideas designed by myself, and to be entirely honest; I have never felt any better. The journey just started with an initial spark; a small and creative idea and turned into a successful business. I thank her to this day for posting that design over social media, which eventually lead me where I stand today.

That's it if you have an idea, which you presume can change the world, then don't let that idea die on you, get in contact with other creative people, share what you have. Maybe your idea is meant to change other people's lives, make them better and easier. Work hard and allow the success follow you in this very endeavour.